Health & Safety Policy Statement


1. Policy

To provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, and to ensure that all that is reasonable and practicable is done to prevent personal injury.

The company recognises the right of a non smoker to breath smoke-free air and is conscious of its responsibilities under both common law and statute to provide a clean, healthy and safe working environment.

The policy of the company is to prohibit smoking on the premises and to take positive steps to assist and encourage those staff who wish to do so to give up smoking.

Smoking - other than in the circumstances described above - is strictly forbidden on the grounds of health and safety.

To ensure the co-operation of management and staff in carrying out this policy in a vigorous manner.

2. Objectives

Collective and personal responsibility.

To include the responsibilities for a health and safety into the job descriptions where applicable as a prime accountability.

Ensure that management and staff are aware of and accept their individual and collective legal responsibility in the care of health and safety of themselves and others.


To ensure that all staff are made aware of the procedure relating to accidents and sickness.

Legal Obligation

To observe all legal requirements.


To ensure that the training, which all new staff receive, includes information on the Health & Safety measures applicable to the company.

To provide training and retraining where necessary, especially for new equipment.


To maintain the offices in a good state of repair, cleanliness and decoration.

To ensure a regular check of fitting, furnishings and services to ensure repairs are dealt with immediately.

To ensure an effective system for receiving and dealing with fault reports.

To maintain high standards with regards to lighting, ventilation and hygiene.


To co-operate with the Local Fire Authority and take adequate steps for fire prevention.

Health & Hygiene

To provide First Aid facilities.

To carry out pre-employment medical checks, where necessary.

To ensure all injuries receive treatment and are recorded.

To ensure adequacy and cleanliness of washing and sanitary facilities.


To have knowledge of current relevant legislation guidance material etc.

To maintain contact with designated medical and legal advisors, and outside advisory services, e.g. Health and Fire Authorities.


To maintain records of accidents

To ensure all injury accidents are investigated to establish the cause and prevent recurrence.

To carry out reporting procedures required by stature, Health and other Authorities.

Reviews of Regulations

To make the Company Statement on Health and safety known to all employees.

To review from time to time, revise if necessary, and involve all management and staff in any review.

3. Organisation and Arrangements.

The overall policy is the collective responsibility of the Directors, it is their responsibility for implementing and carrying out the policy and aims set out in this document.

All members of staff are expected to observe all hazards which should be immediately reported to a Director.

Health and Safety Rules
  1. Reporting any faulty or hazardous fixtures, fittings, furniture or equipment - especially electrical equipment
  2. Report all accidents involving injury to a Director. All members of staff are expected to observe all hazards which would be immediately reported to a Director.
  3. Do not attempt to repair any faulty electrical equipment.
  4. Switch off electrical equipment before leaving the office.
  5. Keep all exits free of obstruction
  6. Ensure visitors do not extinguish cigarettes or throw matches in the waste paper bins or on floors. Do not put paper in ash trays.
  7. Ensure the cloakroom area is kept as clean and as tidy as possible.
Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a FIRE or other emergency leave the office via the main door in an orderly manner. Do not run.

Leave the main building by the fire escape or main staircase - following exit signs. Do not use the Lift.

Assemble outside main entrance in Nelson Street.

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