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Heavy Rail

The social, economic and environmental benefits of main-line electric railways are compelling. Effective and efficient, this form of transport is enjoying an increased demand worldwide.

Electric rail networks require a reliable traction power supply system which is both economical to install and maintain. Coupled with this requirement, the power distribution grid must be designed to be in sympathy with the surrounding environment, whether urban or rural.

There are many benefits to be gained by dealing with a specialised OLE systems and component designer and manufacturer. At Atlas Rail we are focussed on performance, visual impact, ease and speed of installation, low maintenance, long life and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

We provide a single source of OLE systems and components independent of installation and rolling stock.

Atlas Rail Solutions

We are a leading provider in the design and manufacture of components and systems for the OLE requirements of heavy rail. This includes: system, layout and allocation design as well as supply at component level.

Our modern design and manufacturing methods enable us to deliver a better product more quickly. Use of solid modelling and finite element analysis and modern, lighter materials ensures that we are able to produce energy efficient solutions. These are not only lighter and smaller (with particular emphasis given to their environmental impact), but also have an increased life span.

From the design and installation of new systems to the renewal or enhancement of existing systems, our experience and skills enable us to offer a comprehensive service. This includes solutions and components for: Main-line and Sidings Main-line and Sidings

As well as these standard products we are also able to offer system and component design for specific requirements.

Catenary Heavy Rail 25kV insulator Cantilever

View interactive model of Catenary Heavy Rail 25kV insulator Cantilever

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