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Light Rail

Concern for the environment has led many city authorities to consider a light rail solution as their mass transport system of choice.

They possess the advantage of being cleaner, quieter, more comfortable, and in many cases faster than buses. This coupled with the ability to carry a larger number of people than any bus-based public transport system is making them a popular choice for many environmentally minded cities.

While it is possible to purchase a complete light rail system from a number of manufacturers, many city authorities are looking beyond this. Concern over the visual impact a light rail system can have on the urban landscape is causing them to involve specialist companies like Atlas Rail.

We are able to deliver modern and novel designs in Overhead Line Electrification (OLE). These utilise smaller and lighter components that will help to reduce the overall visual impact of a light rail system.

Atlas Rail Solutions

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing components and systems for the unique OLE requirements of light rail. This includes: system, layout and allocation design as well as down to component level.

Our modern design and manufacture methods enable us to deliver a better product more quickly. Use of finite element analysis and modern, lighter materials ensures that we are able to produce energy efficient solutions. These are not only lighter and smaller (with a decreased visual impact) but also have an increased life span.

This includes solutions and components for: Catenary equipment; Single wire; Trolley wire & Hybrid.

As well as these standard products we are also able to offer system and component design for unique requirements.

Catenary Light Rail Insulated Strut

View interactive model of Catenary Light Rail Insulator Strut

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