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Single Wire

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Single wire solutions are ideal for light rail systems that can utilise shorter spans and less power capacity. They also possess the advantage of having a low visual impact on the landscape.

Atlas Rail can provide a range of services and light-weight components from a complete single wire solution through to new component design and manufacture. Containing fewer components, our systems provide high reliability and low visual impact.

We design and manufacture numerous components for single wire systems including: poles/masts, cantilevers, wires, span wires, bridles, clamps, insulators, steady arms, knuckles, brackets and terminations.

We have also designed components that enable twin wire to be used providing for a more flexible solution. Our solutions also allow for fixed or regulated anchor and termination points.

Modern Design &
Manufacture Techniques

Our product range is one of the few purpose-made available today. It uses the most up to date manufacturing techniques and modern materials, with parts and sub-assemblies not only being 'environmentally friendly' but made with ease and speed of installation also in mind.

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Light Rail Single Wire System

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