Atlas Rail Components

Power Transmission &
Catenary Lighting Systems

The use of catenary systems for overhead lighting is now becoming more commonplace. The advantage of reduced installation and maintenance costs, when compared to underground methods of supply, is a compelling factor in this trend.

However, unlike underground systems, the power supply can have a marked and permanent impact on the environment. This can be balanced by the long spans between supports (Columns) or building fixings (No supports). As a result we have deliberately designed our solutions to ensure minimum visual impact, while delivering a secure and reliable solution.

Atlas Rail Solutions

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing components and systems for overhead catenary power solutions.

Our modern design and manufacture methods enable us to deliver a better product more quickly. Use of solid modelling, finite element analysis and modern, lighter corrosion resistant materials ensures that we are able to produce energy efficient solutions. These are not only lighter and smaller but also have an increased life span.

This includes solutions and components for: Power transmission and Catenary lighting.

As well as these standard products we are also able to offer system and component design for specific requirements..

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