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The overhead power system of a trolley bus network is an integral and important part of what makes this type of mass transport popular. Power is produced centrally and transmitted across the system with its attendant power loss.

The overhead power supply solution needs to be efficient while not being too obtrusive for an urban environment.

Utilising the experience and expertise gained in designing overhead power supply solutions for light rail systems, we have developed a system specifically for trolley bus overhead equipment. This utilises many of the same components as our light rail system and consequently has a much reduced visual impact on the environment.

We design and manufacture numerous components for trolley bus systems, including: poles/mast, cantilevers, wires, span wires, spacers, clamps, insulators, bridles, suspension, brackets and terminations.

Modern Design &
Manufacture Techniques

Our product set is one of the few purpose-made range of components available today. It uses the most up to date manufacturing techniques and modern materials, with parts and sub-assemblies not only being environmentally friendly, but made with ease and speed of installation also in mind.

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