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Trolley Buses

Trolley buses generally occupy the niche between a light railway and a diesel-powered bus. Like other electric vehicles, trolleybuses are seen as more environmentally friendly than hydrocarbon-based vehicles. Realising the advantages of these zero-emission vehicles, many European cities have now started to expand their systems again.

The power for the units has to be produced at centralised power plants, and the subsequent transmission across the system ultimately leads to power losses. Consequently the design and manufacture of the Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) system is an important element in a successful trolley bus system.

Atlas Rail solutions

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing components and systems for overhead power requirements.

Our modern design and manufacture methods enable us to deliver a better product more quickly. Use of finite element analysis and modern, lighter materials ensures that we are able to produce energy efficient solutions. These are not only lighter and smaller but also have an increased life span with low visual impact.

This includes solutions and components for: Straight Lines & Curves & Crossings & Switches.

As well as these standard products we are also able to offer system and component design for special requirements.

Trolleybus System

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